Monday, February 7, 2011


Tips to combat exam stress:
An adequate level of anxiety is good as it motivates the individual to stay focused and give his/her best, but if anxiety is more than the desired level, it impedes performance. I can offer some tips:
Before examination:
  • An effective preparation has to be preceded with a positive attitude coupled with a belief in one's abilities and strengths.
  • An intake of nutritious food rich in vitamin B supplements is vital at this stage as vitamin B helps to improve memory and concentration.
  • One should take mock tests that are based on sample blueprints issued by CBSE and previous years' question papers.
  • One should refrain from use of cell phones and the Internet during study hours.
  • One should concentrate more on the subjects that seem challenging.
  • It is also important to accord some time for relaxation between study hours. This not only gives time for retention but also prevents proactive and retroactive inhibitions.
  • Too many books can result in confusion and hence it is advisable to consult NCERT books and notes prepared earlier.
  • Making a study schedule can immensely helpful especially in terms of time management.
In examination hall:
  • One should be positive and confident during the day of actual examination.
  • One should read the question paper carefully . A good start to a paper is to first choose the answer that one feels the most confident about.This approach will boost the confidence and motivate the examinee to tackle the rest of the questions.
  • The answer must be to the pointed precise.Spending too much time on one question should be avoided.
  • Check answers and make sure that each part of the question has been answered
Examination is comparable to a marathon,which requires slow and steady strides.


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  1. A positive attitude and proper time management are important for effective board examination.